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Abstinence isn’t working
Teen births are down, thanks to contraception use. Why does the right ignore the facts and insist it’s abstinence?

As I have lamented earlier, the GOP has been hijacked by anti-feminists who think that government should have no pretense in our society _except_ that it should control in minute detail what goes on in our bedrooms. As such it should come as no surprise that they champion the entirely useless (unless one wants to _increase_ the rate of teenage pregnancy, of course, which helps to keep those damn uppity women in the kitchen where they belong) abstinence program and doggedly ignore any evidence contrary to their absolute conviction that there is no other solution.

Either that or these people are so god damned stupid and idiotic that they simply are incapable of understanding cause and effect. Since so many are sheeple I guess I should not be surprised if this is indeed the case and this isn’t a situation of the vast right-wing conspiracy so often quoted by the liberal whack jobs on the left.

It is shit like this that continually reinforces my misanthropy.

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