One Trillion People!

This is an article of my own.  I have been studying aquaponics for quite a while (likely close to a decade) and am in the midst of building a 2K sqft greenhouse to put some techniques to test in the hopes of being able to commercialize the effort (my spreadsheet numbers, if I am able to tie them to reality, indicate that billions of bucks are possible in a decade or less!).  Anyway, I came across a website where they used hydroponics to grow a rather astonishing 10,000 lbs of harvestable, edible produce every month in a greenhouse only 1,800 sqft in size.  Taking the information from that page, I endeavored to calculate how many calories that greenhouse produced, thus how many people it could sustain, and then estimated how many people our planet could handle if we were to feed everyone from the food produced thus.  Rather incredibly I calculated that on only 10% of the land surface we could have a population of over 1 trillion people!  Check out my paper and let me know what you think:

Author: Tfoui

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